Panel Installer

Install prefabricated wooden or plastic board panels.

What does a Panel Installer do?

Installs prefabricated wooden or plastic board panels to form closets, walls, and ceilings in mobile or modular homes, using handtools and power tools: Conveys or assists other workers to convey panels to floor of home. Positions panels in sequence specified by blueprints and verifies alignment, using measuring tape and template. Fastens panels to specified sidewall and floor areas and to adjacent panels to form closets and dividing walls, using power screwdriver and staple gun. Lifts and positions ceiling panels in place, using hoist and nails or screws panels to roof truss, using hammer, staple gun or power screwdriver. Punches holes in ceiling and wall panels to facilitate installation of heating, plumbing and appliance vents, using hammer. May cut panel sections to required dimensions, using table saw.