Panel Edge Sealer

Tend machines that apply putty to side edges of plywood panels.

What does a Panel Edge Sealer do?

Tends machine that automatically applies putty to side edges of plywood panels to seal crevices; and seals crevices in end edges of panels, using putty gun: Injects putty into crevices in end edges of panels stacked on handtruck, using putty gun, and pushes handtruck into position over feeder mechanism of edge-sealing machine. Adjusts automatic feeding and discharge elements of machine according to panel thickness, using wrench. Starts machine that feeds panels between injection heads, that apply putty to edges of panels to seal crevices, and mechanism that stacks processed panels at discharge end of machine. Monitors operation of machine and adjusts control mechanism, using wrench, to ensure specified application of putty and stacking of panels. Brushes excess putty from edges of panel with handbrush. Transfers pump from empty to full barrel of putty to replenish supply for machine. Removes and cleans putty heads, using wrench and cleaning solution.