Palletizer Operator I

Operate consoles that control automatic palletizing equipment.

What does a Palletizer Operator I do?

Operates console that controls automatic palletizing equipment to sort, transfer, and stack on pallets containers of finished products, such as sugar, canned vegetables, citrus juice, and cigarettes: Reads production and delivery schedules and stacking pattern to determine sorting and transfer procedures, arrangement of packages on pallet, and destination of loaded pallet. Observes packages moving along conveyor to identify packages and to detect defective packaging, and presses console buttons to deflect packages to predetermined accumulator or reject lines. Turns selector switch on palletizer to control stacking arrangement of packages on pallet and to transfer loaded pallet to storage or delivery platform. Supplies loading equipment with empty pallets. Stops equipment to clear jams. Informs supervisor of equipment malfunction. May keep record of production and equipment performance. May operate depalletizing equipment and be designated Depalletizer Operator.