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Paleology Professor

Teach university students about paleology.

What does a Paleology Professor do?

A Paleology Professor teaches students about antiquities-especially prehistoric antiquities-as well as the profession of archaeology. To be more exact, Paleology Professors teach them two specific fields. One is the field of antiquities, art history, and the appreciation of ancient times and cities. And the other is the field concerned with the discovery and preservation of those cities and antiquities through expeditions and site digs.

The study of antiquities is necessary to learn about history, culture, and civilizations. As a Paleology Professor, you communicate the importance of found objects to informing an entire society. It’s something you should be passionate about-not just history and the written word, but the actual objects that make up what our current society thinks about generations past.

As far as archaeology goes, the passion for dirt, digging, and finding buried treasures is completely individual. Not all of your students will be interested in archaeology. Perhaps some of them just want to teach, like you. But others may be looking to live out their Indiana Jones fantasies. Either way, you should have actual experience on the field, digging in sites, so you can impart the proper skills to your students.

In short, your role in your students’ lives is to be the Teacher, the Instructor, and the informer. So you should have a genuine love for teaching. It’s unlike any other career, and it takes a special kind of person to lovingly do one of the toughest jobs out there.