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Inspect, grade, and pair finished surgical hoses, panty hoses, and socks.

What does a Pairer do?

Inspects, grades, and pairs finished surgical hose, panty hose, stockings, leotards, and socks, according to grade, color, size, and length: Spreads hose on pairing table or over inspection forms and examines hose for defects, such as pulls, snags, holes, mends, and dye streaks. Classifies hose into grades, following specifications. Positions graded hose over scale on table to measure overall length and length of toe, foot, heel, and welt. Selects pair of identical hose of same grade and stacks hose on table. Tallies each pair in lot by grade. May be designated according to grade or type hose paired as Pairer, Odds; Pairer, Substandard.