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Paintings Restorer

Restore damaged and faded paintings and preserve paintings.

What does a Paintings Restorer do?

Restores damaged and faded paintings and preserves paintings, using techniques based on knowledge of art and art materials: Examines surfaces of painting, using magnifying device, and performs tests to determine factors, such as age, structure, pigment stability, and probable reaction to various cleaning agents and solvents. Removes painting from frame. Applies select solvents and cleaning agents and uses predetermined method to clean surface of painting and remove accretions, discolorations, and deteriorated varnish. Stretches new linen backing, applies paste material to back of painting, and laminates parts together, using laminating press. Dries laminated painting under controlled conditions to prevent shrinkage. Applies beeswax or other substance to damaged or faded areas where restoration is needed. Studies style, techniques, colors, textures, and materials used by artist to maintain consistency in reconstruction or retouching procedures. Reconstructs or retouches damaged areas and blends area into adjacent areas to restore painting to original condition. Applies varnish or other preservative to surface of painting and dries under controlled conditions. May remove paint layer from backing and remount on canvas, wood, or metal support using pressure and special adhesives. May apply neutral color powder to damaged areas to restore areas.