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Painting Machine Operator

Tend machines equipped with compressed-air spray nozzles.

What does a Painting Machine Operator do?

Tends machine equipped with compressed-air spray nozzles that coat products or materials with oil, paint, lacquer, varnish, shellac, or rustproofing agents: Pours premixed paint or lacquer into reservoir of machine and couples hose to spray nozzles. Moves sleeve on nozzles to attain specified spraying pressure and turns thumbscrew to direct nozzles toward articles or materials to be coated. Places articles or material onto conveyor or onto transfer table that carries them between spray nozzles. May mix paints with thinner solution according to formula. May regulate temperature of coating solution. May remove articles or materials from conveyor belt and place articles or materials in drying racks or container. May be designated according to coating applied as Lacquer Coater; Oiling-Machine Operator; Spray-Painter, Machine.