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Paint Spray Tender

Tend paint spraying and drying units of mirror-silvering ranges.

What does a Paint Spray Tender do?

Tends paint spraying and drying units of mirror-silvering range that spray and dry paint coatings on silvered glass: Measures paint and thinner, according to formula, and pours paint into storage tank. Turns valves to start power mixer and flow of paint to spray heads. Pushes button to start spray heads across conveyor, to clear thinner from paint lines, and to spray paint on silvered glass. Observes painting area to detect uneven spray. Reads pressure gauges and turns valves to adjust paint flow and air pressure. Regulates oven temperature as specified. Removes spray nozzles and pipelines with wrenches and cleans equipment, using solvents. Pours paint thinner into paint lines to prevent paint residue from hardening and clogging paint lines. May determine amount of paint applied to glass, comparing sample with factory standard, or weighing glass before and after painting. May disassemble carriage and replace worn or broken parts of spraying unit.