Paint Spray Inspector

Inspect finishes on items, such as household appliances and automobiles.

What does a Paint Spray Inspector do?

Inspects finishes, such as paint, lacquer, or porcelain enamel on items, such as household appliances, automobiles, toys, or bicycles while items move along production line or in inspection bays to ascertain conformance to standards: Examines workpiece for scale, cracks, shade variances, or unpainted areas. Marks workpiece with symbol to indicate defective area and type of repair needed. Records number and type of units rejected and reasons for rejection. May mark other defects, such as loose welds and loose or missing parts. May inspect decals, identification markings or stenciling on workpiece to ensure specified location, clarity, and alignment. May record number and types of metal and paint defects, using hand held, programmed data collector.