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Paint Roller Winder

Tend machines that wind and glue fabrics on tubing to make paint rollers.

What does a Paint Roller Winder do?

Tends machine that winds and glues fabric on tubing to make paint rollers: Fills glue spreader reservoir. Turns thermostat control knobs to maintain glue at specified temperature or dips paint roller into glue to apply glue evenly to roller. Mounts tubing on power-driven machine spindles and starts machine to rotate tube. Turns valve to regulate flow of glue and to distribute it evenly over surface or rotating tube. Positions, holds, and feeds precut fabric against glued surface of rotating tube as fabric is spirally wound and glued on tube. Removes wound tube from machine spindles. May glue and trim fabric, using handtools to repair paint roller covers. May glue loose ends to paint roller covers, using gluing machine. May bevel ends of roller cover, using spindle beveling machine.