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Paint Brush Maker

Fill metal ferrules with hog bristles, horsehairs or nylons.

What does a Paint Brush Maker do?

Fills metal ferrules with hog bristle, horsehair, vegetable fiber, or nylon, using either of following methods: Twists material into tuft and dips base of tuft into cement. Ties string around base of tuft, redips tuft in cement, and inserts tuft in hole of brush head. Weighs out specified amount of bristles, using balance scale and inserts base end of bristles into ferrule. Separates bristles with metal blade, and inserts wooden or aluminum plug into bristles to press them against sides of ferrule to form brush head. Immerses flag end of brush head in flaxseed gum to hold filling material in brush shape during vulcanizing process. Measures length of bristles, using gauge. May cut bristles to varying lengths to taper tip of brush head, using metal form and scissors. May make wire drawn brushes [BRUSH FILLER, HAND 739.687-046].