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Pain Management Nurse

Help patients deal with long-term pain.

What does a Pain Management Nurse do?

The Doctor may seem to have a pill for everything, but pain management is the exception to that rule. Pain Management Nurses help patients suffering from temporary or long-term pain to manage their symptoms without relying too heavily on medication. Working as a Pain Management Nurse lets you raise the quality of life your patients experience. Pain Management Nurses focus on both providing the proper medication as needed and offering alternative treatments like relaxation or exercise.

Pain comes from an illness or a disease, and can last from a few days to several years. To help patients cope with their pain, you perform a pain assessment with each checkup. This involves asking patients where they hurt, how intense the pain is, and what causes the pain to feel better or worse.

Once you have a better understanding of the type of pain and its cause, you talk with a Physician to develop a treatment plan. It’s important to know what other medications a patient is taking and if the person has a high risk for drug addiction. Medication in moderation is your motto.

Your job also makes you a Teacher. Educating patients on ways to relieve pain at home, such as meditation or stretching, helps put them back in control of their own lives. By monitoring the patient’s condition during checkups and offering them ways to cope with the illness or injury, you help cure the pain and its negative effects.