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Pageant Judge

Rate pageant entrants' personal presentation and performances.

What does a Pageant Judge do?

From Toddlers and Tiaras to Miss USA, beauty and other types of pageants are an institution. They not only promote beauty and fashion, but also build confidence and a competitive spirit. And since pageants are competitions, they require the knowledge and opinion of Pageant Judges to designate a winner.

As a Pageant Judge, you give marks to contestants in a variety of categories. What you’re looking for depends on the competition.

For babies, you look for cuteness and good demeanor. In a toddler, you might observe the way he smiles. In an adult, you might focus on how well she speaks. And while pageants are mostly associated with beauty, they might also promote new fashion lines or give away educational scholarships.

Whether the contestants are young or old, smart or beautiful, it’s your job as a Pageant Judge to rate them on their traits. In one competition, that might mean focusing on confidence and personality, while in another, it might mean evaluating math skills. One thing’s for sure, though: Contestants invest a lot of time and money into pageants, and they often dream of using the win to launch a career as a Fashion Designer, Model, or Scientist.

In order to make the important decision about who deserves to win, you formulate interview questions, take notes, and use your keen observation skills. In the end, through your ability to focus and evaluate, one lucky contestant will be deemed worthy of the prize. Congratulations!