Pageant Director

Raise finances, find contestants and manage beauty pageants.

What does a Pageant Director do?

Before contestants can strap on swimsuits, slick up their teeth with Vaseline, and practice their parade wave for the Judges, a Pageant Director has a ton of work to do. A Pageant Director is responsible for putting the entire pageant together, from recruiting talent to hiring Judges to making sure there are prizes for the contestants to win.

If you’re a Pageant Director, you spend much of the year securing funding for your pageant. You meet with local and national business Representatives, telling them about your pageant and why it’s wonderful. You may sell space in a program, or offer to promote products onstage. You also ask for donations to give as prizes.

When you have prizes secured, you begin to recruit contestants. You dangle the prizes like a carrot, and try to lure people to the competition. You screen applicants and choose the best people to compete. You may also teach these contestants the proper way to stand, walk, or wave so they have a better chance of winning.

You then find a venue to hold your pageant, and supervise a team that will decorate the venue. You recruit famous people to work as Judges, and put together scorecards for them to use. You examine all details large and small, making sure you’ve thought of everything.

On the day of the pageant, you respond to questions and deal with problems as they occur. You breathe a sigh of relief when the pageant is over and you can stop planning. You may give yourself a week’s vacation before you begin work on the next show.