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Pageant Coach

Help pageant contestants perform at their best during competitions.

What does a Pageant Coach do?

Winning a beauty pageant takes more than just a pretty face and sparkling teeth. If they want to bring home the crown, contestants must learn how to walk, talk, dress, and act like living, breathing princesses.

A Pageant Coach provides those lessons. No matter the age of the participants-younger than 3 or older than 50-you prepare contestants for interviews, assist with completing applications and help them with their overall stage presence.

What’s an average day like?

Every day for a Pageant Coach is a little different. For example, you might spend a morning guiding a contestant through a mock-interview. You help your students by coming up with a series of test questions and drilling them on responses. Practicing over and over helps them develop grace under fire.

Most beauty pageants also require participants to read a mission statement of some sort. Again, this can be frightening for people who aren’t skilled Writers. You help your students craft a winning message, and you teach them how to deliver that speech effortlessly.

Walking properly is a must, and you coach your students on how to look strong, sensitive, and graceful all at the same time as they strut their stuff. In addition, you look over the costumes they’ve chosen, making sure they are polished and appropriate for each competition. You may even attend the competition to provide encouragement, pep talks, and last-minute advice.

Why does this job matter?

Pageants are a rite of passage for many young women in America-but the process can be a little overwhelming for novice (or even expert) contestants. Your pageant expertise helps guide your girls to a winning performance.