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Career Profiles


Calculate income and expenses for companies or individuals.

Accounting Analyst

Update and maintain a company’s financial accounts.

Accounting Clerk

Process a company’s payroll, balance the checkbook, and make bank deposits.

Accounting Manager

Manage an accounting department and provide professional expertise.

Accounting Professor

Teach university students about accounting.

Accounts Payable Associate

Record, process, and reconcile process invoices and payments.

Accounts Payable Clerk

Ensure all company payments go out on time.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Manage workers’ activities in processing records for billings.

Acoustic Consultant

Advise Engineers and others on the ins and outs of sound control.

Acoustic Engineer

Add elements that reduce noise or enhance sounds in buildings.

Acquisitions Editor

Find promising manuscripts for your company to publish.

Acquisitions Librarian

Select and buy books or other resources to create a well stocked library.


Do amazing dance-athletic acts for the entertainment of audiences.

Acting Coach

Teach new actors the power of gesture, speech and theatrical timing.

Activities Director

Plan social events or outings for resorts, cruises, and retirement homes.

Activity Therapist

Provide recreation and socialization for recovering patients.

Actor and Actress

Portray roles on TV, in movies, or on stage.

Actuarial Consultant

Advise clients on measuring insurance or investment risks.

Actuarial Technician

Use mathematical formulas to predict risks for insurance companies.


Help insurance companies and banks cut down on risk.