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Career Profiles

Wind Technician

Help your team install massive wind-powered generators.

Wind Turbine Technician

Inspect and maintain the working parts of huge wind generators.


Tend machines that wind thread, yarn, or rubber strands.

Window Cleaner

Clean windows and glass in public and commercial buildings.

Wine Club Manager

Keep wine club members happy while increasing profits for wineries.

Wine Consultant

Work to increase wine sales at stores and restaurants.

Wine Director

Pick out the wine selection for an entire hotel or restaurant.

Wine Fermenter

Tend tanks that convert crushed fruit or must into wines.

Wine Importer

Ship in the best wines from abroad to distribute locally.

Wine Maker

Own your own vineyard to produce grapes that make delicious wine.

Wine Sales Representative

Convince stores to sell your company’s wines.

Wine Sommelier

Help customers pair their food with the finest wine.

Wine Writer

Travel to vineyards, sample fine wines, and tell your readers about them.

Winery Worker

Perform tasks involved in winemaking.


Tend equipment that strain stearin from vegetable oils.


Clean copper or brass lamp components and assemblies.

Wireline Operator

Operate wirelines in an oil and gas field.

Wiring Technician

Run electrical wire inside computers, electronics and machinery.

Wolf Biologist

Observe how wolves behave and live.

Women's Studies Professor

Teach university students about women’s studies.