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Career Profiles

2D Animator

Make 2D images move using hand drawings or computer software.

3D Animator

Bring illustrated objects to life for movies and video games.

3D Artist

Create elements for video games or 3D movies.

3D Modeler

Create digital models that can be viewed from all angles.

A&R Manager

Sign new musical talents to a record label.

Academic Advisor

Help students choose classes and find the path to success.

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Schedule events and meetings for a university.

Academic Chair

Provide administrative leadership to an academic department.

Academic Dean

Oversee Professors and enforce policies as head of a college.

Academic Editor

Make sure dissertations and theses follow proper style.

Academic Interventionist

Create plans to help underachieving students catch up.

Academic Writer

Write thoughtful essays or well-researched papers.

Accent Reduction Specialist

Help people communicate clearly by toning down their accent.


Play an instrument or sing to accompany a singer or musician.

Account Analyst

Handle customer questions and keep their accounts balanced.

Account Coordinator

Handle the details of launching an ad campaign.

Account Executive

Increase company profits by looking after customers and making sales.

Account Manager

Serve as the customer’s point of contact within a company.

Account Planner

Conduct research with an eye to designing the perfect ad campaign.

Account Representative

Handle many business’s dealings with your company over a large area.