Padded Products Finisher

Repair defects and finish padded automotive products.

What does a Padded Products Finisher do?

Repairs defects and finishes padded automotive products, such as dashboards and door panels: Pours or injects with hypodermic needle padding solution into defects, such as wrinkles and faulty adhesion between padding and plastic covering. Clamps molding form to repaired area and sets it aside to dry. Cuts out wrinkled plastic and selects piece of matching plastic and cements it to defective part. Repairs defects, such as abrasions, faulty embossing, and discoloration, using knives, scissors, hand buffing wheel, and spray gun. Removes wrinkles by softening plastic, using heat lamps, and pressing out wrinkles by hand. Applies solvents, cement, putties or paints to finish product.