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Pack wrapped or packaged tobacco products.

What does a Packer do?

Packs wrapped or packaged tobacco products into cartons or packs filled cartons in shipping containers: Examines tobacco products for defects, such as excess moisture in chewing tobacco plugs, loosely sealed wrappers, coupons, or labels, or misplaced stamps. Seals and loads container onto handtruck or skid or onto conveyor leading to case-sealing machine or shipping room. May form shipping container or attach label onto container. May weigh product to verify accuracy of packing machine scales. May hand stamp or stencil identifying information on cartons or shipping containers. May be designated according to product packed as Cut-Plug Packer; Smoking-Tobacco Packer, Hand; Twist Packer. Workers who tend machines to package products are classified under CARTON-PACKAGING-MACHINE OPERATOR.