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Packaging Materials Inspector

Examine, measure, and test containers and materials used to package drugs.

What does a Packaging Materials Inspector do?

Examines, measures, and tests containers and materials used to package drug and cosmetic products for conformity to specifications: Examines and rejects tubes, bottles, cartons, caps, stoppers, and related materials containing such flaws as chips, cracks, torn labels, or discoloration. Measures containers and cap samples to verify specified dimensions, using micrometer, gauge, or caliper. Fills containers with liquid and pours into graduate to verify container capacity. Records inspection or test results. May test components, such as stoppers and seals, using hardness tester. May count, pour, or weigh out contents of sample containers to verify data on label. May determine viscosity of fluids, using viscometer. May convert liquid measure to avoirdupois weight, using calculating machine or slide rule.