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Packaging Inspector

Make sure the right amount of medicine goes into the right bottles.

What does a Packaging Inspector do?

As the title implies, a Packaging Inspector is in charge of inspecting packaging. Typically, this job refers to a position in pharmaceuticals. Because the containers that our medicines and cosmetics come in must be clean and accurately measured, you, as the company’s Packaging Inspector, are the best line of defense against a 50-count aspirin bottle hitting the store shelves with 80 caplets in it.

There are a variety of special tools that make your job as a Packaging Inspector easier. To count those aspirins, for example, you use a flat-edged knife and a tray that make it easy to dump, accurately count, and pour the pills back into the original bottle.

In addition to weighing or counting samplings of medications, you also look over the bottles, caps, or other packaging components. You look for tears in the label, and dents, scratches, cracks, or chips that may affect the quality or seal on the product. You also use micrometers and other tools to measure the dimensions and capacity of the containers being used.

You perform these tasks on products coming into the facility as a shipment, and you also take samples of outgoing products. When you find damaged or incorrectly prepared containers, you write up the proper paperwork and follow protocol in reporting the problem. It’s important for both the company and the consumer that each product is safely and correctly packaged in an appealing way. Thanks to you, the merchandise lined up on the shelves at the local drugstore is neat, uniform, and accurate.