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Package Handler

Handle and sort packages from all over the world.

What does a Package Handler do?

A Package Handler works for shipping companies to bring boxes, cartons, and those little cardboard tubes to people all over the country and the world.

When handling a package, the first thing you do as a Package Handler is figure out where it’s going. This isn’t so hard to do because every package is given a label that details where it’s going, how much it weighs, and when it should be delivered. Based on these labels, you separate packages into different geographical areas. You start big, then get small and specific, which means you figure out what country a package is destined for, then what state, what city, and finally, what small city block radius.

While separating them, you inspect the packages to make sure they’re not broken or destroyed. You then scan the barcode on the label into the system to let the sender know the box is on its way. After that, you put the package in the truck or plane that will take it where it needs to go.

There’s a lot of heavy lifting that goes on in the job of Package Handler, and you never know what you’re lifting. One box might contain glass figurines while another might be full of books. So you need strong muscles and a healthy back since a large part of your day is spent on your feet, moving things from one place to another.