Package-Dyeing-Machine Operator

Tend machines that dye or bleach yarn wounds on perforated beams.

What does a Package-Dyeing-Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that dyes or bleaches yarn wound on perforated beams I, tubes I, or spring coils: Loads package stand or beam of yarn into machine, using power hoist. Closes lid and tightens lid bolts with wrench. Mixes preweighed dye or bleach with water in pail or overflow tank, stirring with paddle. Turns valves to control steam and water flow. Sets controls to pump dye or bleach into machine that automatically processes and rinses yarn at specified temperature and pressure. Adds chemicals during dyeing or bleaching cycle as specified. May load packages of yarn onto perforated spindles of stand and unload machine [DYE-STAND LOADER]. May weigh dyes according to formula. May tend machine to bleach yarn and be designated Yarn-Bleaching-Machine Operator. May tend machine to dye raw fibers or tops and be designated Raw-Stock-Dyeing-Machine Tender; Top-Dyeing-Machine Tender.