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Package Designer

Create appealing and functional packaging for products.

What does a Package Designer do?

A package designer is responsible for the look and feel of a product. They are the people behind the twenty different bottles of shampoo you see when you walk into a drugstore. What made you choose the one in your hand? Maybe it was the combination of colors on the label, or the hourglass shape you found easier to hold. Whatever it was, it had been debated for hours by a team of package designers before you saw it.

This industry exists because the way a product is presented is a huge factor in its purchase appeal. As a package designer, you figure out what the best presentation is. This involves a sense of style, a proficiency in computer graphics, and an understanding of what your client (and your boss) are looking for.

But you can’t just think about style if you’re to succeed in this industry. Although you’re a designer, you work in a business world. In fact you only spend about a third of your time designing. The other parts are spent looking at production costs, attending team meetings to debate design aspects, and pitching your designs to production executives. So while your style and design skills are obviously important, so is your business sense and ability to work on a team.