Oxygen Plant Operator

Transport compressed, pure oxygen to hospitals, homes, and business.

What does an Oxygen Plant Operator do?

An Oxygen Plant Operator maintains and monitors the equipment used to transport natural gas to homes and businesses. Typically employed by utility companies, an Oxygen Plant Operator uses a variety of skills to ensure that gas pipelines function smoothly.

As an Oxygen Plant Operator, you work with Safety Inspectors, Pipeline Inspectors, and Plant Managers. Using your background in mathematics, English, electronics, and computers, you monitor and adjust gauges, and complete tests on machinery.

For example, at the beginning of your shift, you’re expected to perform routine checks on all of the equipment to make sure it works correctly. When you spot a pressure gauge that’s reading too high, you use your critical thinking skills to determine the next step. You decide whether to simply reduce the flow of natural gas through the line or to turn it off completely. Knowing what to do when a situation arises is one of the most important aspects of your job.

Other qualities needed as an Oxygen Plant Operator include accuracy and active listening and communication abilities. Instructions must be followed precisely to ensure the safety of plant workers and the general public in the surrounding area.

Your expertise in mathematics is also vital, as you calculate gas ratios to detect problems with the gas line and make necessary adjustments. Don’t put your tools away, either. When mechanical failures arise, you throw your tool belt on and get to work. If repairs are too vast for your talents, however, you oversee others who complete them.