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Oxygen-Furnace Operator

Operate oxygen furnaces from pulpit to produce specified types of steel.

What does an Oxygen-Furnace Operator do?

Operates oxygen furnace and auxiliary equipment from pulpit to produce specified types of steel: Moves controls to position furnace for charging operation. Observes temperature gauges and recorders, and moves controls to position oxygen lance and regulate flow of oxygen through lance onto charge. Sets weight indicator gauge according to specified amount of additives to be added to charge. Starts automatic weighing machine that releases additives, such as fluorspar, lime, and alloys, from bins onto conveyor leading to chute over furnace. Moves lever to release additives from chute into furnace. Moves controls to adjust position of oxygen lance in furnace, regulate oxygen flow, or adjust hood draft when sparking or slopping of charge occurs or furnace overheats. Moves controls to position transfer car, carrying ladle and slag pots, under taphole and to tilt furnace for tapping operation. Records operation data.