Overlay Plastician

Install wooden and plywood sheets in molded fiberglass boat hulls.

What does an Overlay Plastician do?

Installs wooden stringers and precut plywood sheets in molded fiberglass boat hulls to strengthen boat bottoms, using fiberglass bonding agent and handtools: Obtains precut stringers and plywood sheets according to model number of boat. Mixes catalyst into resin to control setting rate of bonding agent and saturates strips of fiberglass mat with mixture, using brush. Lays strips between stringer and hull and clamps stringers in place with special holding device. Lays strips of material along seams of stringers to reinforce bond and smooths out air bubbles by hand. Covers hull bottom interior and tops of stringers with saturated strips. Positions plywood flooring on bottom of boat and places clamps or weights on flooring to press it against hull and stringers. May install precut wood flotation tanks, seat supports, and bulkheads. May install plastic blocks of flotation material, fiberglass gasoline tanks, and other fiberglass fixtures.