Overhead Crane Truck Loader

Operate overhead cranes with hand held control box.

What does an Overhead Crane Truck Loader do?

Operates overhead crane with hand held control box to load trucks with bundles of aluminum extrusions: Reviews daily truck-delivery schedules to determine information, such as description of orders, sequence of deliveries, and special loading instructions. Weighs bundles, using floor scale, and records weight for company records. Attaches hook or sling of crane to bundles, and presses buttons on control box to hoist and move bundles to loading area or onto trucks, according to unloading sequence. Inspects bundle packaging for conformance to customer requirements. Removes and batches packing tickets. Occasionally loads, restacks, or unloads bundles from trucks by hand or using industrial truck. Directs truck drivers backing vehicles into loading bays and uncovers, covers, and secures loads for delivery.