Oven-Press Tender I

Tend hot presses and related equipment that harden asbestos disk pads.

What does an Oven-Press Tender I do?

Tends hot press and related equipment that hardens asbestos disk pads for use as brake linings: Positions metal die plate on roller-type conveyor, picks up stack of asbestos disk pads from table, and places individual pads into wells of die plate. Discards broken or defective pads. Pushes filled die plates onto racks of hot press. Starts machine that automatically closes press to heattreat pads for specified time and opens press at end of press cycle. Pulls die plates from press onto conveyor. Removes cured disk pads from die plates, using knockout device that forces pads from plates. Loosens stuck pads with rubber mallet and tosses pads into storage container. Sprays empty die plates with silicone solution, using spray gun, to prevent pads from sticking to plates during heat-treating process.