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Oven Dauber

Perform tasks involved in sealing coke-oven doors with lutes.

What does an Oven Dauber do?

Performs any combination of following tasks involved in sealing coke-oven doors with lute to prevent escape of gases during baking of coal: Shovels mud into mud carrier and transfers mud pails to ovens. Chips old clay, carbon, and residue from doorway of oven, using chisel bar. Seals crack around oven door with mud, using trowel and tamping bar. Shovels dry clay into dry-clay box on pusher or into wheelbarrow. Shovels excess mud, oven spillage, and coal from working area. Opens and closes chuckhole door, using handwheel and lever. May open oven, using bar, and manually position coke guide in doorway. May signal LARRY OPERATOR to charge oven. May push buttons to move electric mud car.