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Outside Production Inspector

Inspect and test aircrafts, space capsules, and missile parts.

What does an Outside Production Inspector do?

Inspects and tests aircraft, space capsule, and missile parts, assemblies, and materials at subcontractor’s plant or airline maintenance base for conformance to engineering requirements and specifications, using blueprints, test equipment, and precision measuring instruments: Sets up and adjusts hardness testers to test metal parts for specified hardness. Inspects dimensions, alignment, and assembly of machined parts and tools, such as landing gears, brakes, gear boxes, jigs, and fixtures, using measuring instruments and devices, such as surface plate, height gauges, calipers, and micrometers. Approves or rejects parts, assemblies, and materials, and prepares inspection reports. Consults with vendors and subcontractors regarding interpretation of specifications, rejection, rework, salvage or other disposition of parts, and related issues. May inspect surfaces of metal parts and assemblies subsequent to or following chemical milling, heat treating, and micro-particle cleaning for defects or surface contaminants, using inspection devices. May examine and test ordnance devices and pyrotechnic apparatus, such as ejection seats, under simulated operating conditions to ensure specified operational characteristics. May specialize according to parts inspected, such as machined parts, plastics, sheet metal, and precision assemblies, or according to process involved, such as welding or electroplating.