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Outpatient Services Director

Coordinate the care of patients after their release from hospital.

What does an Outpatient Services Director do?

Keeping medical practices and hospitals moving, Outpatient Services Directors are responsible for a variety of tasks. Employed by hospitals, clinics, public health agencies, and managed care organizations, they plan, direct, and coordinate medical services.

As an Outpatient Services Director, you work with Physicians, Nurses, and Therapists to ensure that patients receive quality health care even after they’re released from care. Your background in communications, business, human resources, and accounting make you the perfect person for this role.

Whether a patient is in the hospital for an extended time or merely seeing the Doctor during an office call, patient care continues upon release. It’s your job as an Outpatient Services Director to ensure that information is conveyed accurately across all levels.

For example, when a patient is referred to a specialist for consultation or treatment, both the patient and the staff rely on your services. While you don’t make the referral personally, you’re responsible for establishing contacts with other healthcare facilities. It’s your job to form relationships and coordinate the transfer or sharing of historical medical information. You’re the link between offices or hospitals that keeps the ball rolling.

In addition to these responsibilities, you manage nonmedical employees in a variety of capacities. From scheduling staff members to authorizing expenditures to planning departmental budgets, you’re always on your toes. Acting as the liaison between governing boards, Department Heads, and medical staff may not always be easy, but as the go-between, you help keep the peace and let others focus on saving lives.