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Outdoor Lighting Consultant

Design lighting effects for outdoor spaces.

What does an Outdoor Lighting Consultant do?

Outdoor Lighting Consultants design and plan the look of outdoor lighting schemes. An Outdoor Lighting Consultant can work with clients of all types-from individuals who want more light in their backyard to companies who want security lighting around their buildings to Event Planners who need to light the next big game or concert.

A job always starts with a client consultation, and because of this, you need pretty good communication skills to be an Outdoor Lighting Consultant. You should be able to clearly understand what it is that your client is looking for, and find a way to turn that vision into a design.

You create a mock-up of what you think would work best for their needs, and give them an estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take. Most of the time, the mock-ups you create are designed using the computer program CAD. This lets you make a 3D version of what you’re hoping to do, and gives the client a preview of the actual look.

While on a project, you work with the Technicians who install the lights, and the vendors who supply them. You need to be able to give clear directions about what you want. Additionally, you need the ability to work well under pressure, as sometimes things go wrong at the last minute and require quick solutions. You also keep an eye on the equipment, making sure it’s always stored properly, and fixing or replacing parts as needed.