Orthotics Technician

Fabricate, fit, repair, and maintain orthotic devices.

What does an Orthotics Technician do?

Fabricates, fits, repairs, and maintains orthotic devices, such as braces and surgical supports, according to specifications and under guidance of ORTHOTIST 078.261-018 or ORTHOTICS ASSISTANT 078.361-022: Bends, forms, welds, and saws metal brace structural components to conform to measurements, using hammers, anvils, welding equipment, and saws. Drills and taps holes for rivets, and rivets components together. Shapes plastic and metal around cast of patient’s torso or limbs. Covers and pads metal or plastic brace structures, using layers of rubber, felt, plastic, and leather. May also perform functions of PROSTHETICS TECHNICIAN 712.381-038 and be designated Orthotics-Prosthetics Technician.