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Orthopedic Boot and Shoe Designer and Maker

Fabricate boots and shoes for deformed feet.

What does an Orthopedic Boot and Shoe Designer and Maker do?

Fabricates boots and shoes for deformed feet according to prescription and patient’s measurements: Studies prescription to determine degree of deformity and type of correction to be built into shoe. Measures foot, using calipers, tape measure, rule, and other measuring devices and instruments, and applying knowledge of foot anatomy and orthopedic shoe-making techniques. Discusses boot and shoe styles available with customer to determine customer’s desires. Makes plaster cast of foot when exact measurements are required. Designs paper patterns for shoe parts and cuts out leather from pattern, using knives. Marks and punches out eyelets, and inserts and clinches metal rings in holes, using eyelet riveter. Tacks insole on last and draws upper over last with pliers, tacking upper in place. Inserts foam cushioning or arch support material, such as steel, leather, or cork, under insole to support or cushion foot. Sews sole and upper together, using sewing machine. Glues cork, leather, wood, or rubber material to build up extension of outer sole to specified height. Buffs surface of sole and curves sole upward to provide stable walking surface. May fabricate arch supports which can be inserted in regular shoes.