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Orthodontic Assistant



Look after equipment, materials, and patients at an Orthodontist's office.

What does an Orthodontic Assistant do?

Working to straighten the teeth of the masses, Orthodontic Assistants help give people picture-perfect smiles one tooth at a time. Orthodontic Assistants help the Orthodontist, a specialized Dentist who corrects deformities of the mouth, teeth, and jaw.

If you’re an Orthodontic Assistant, think of yourself as an organizational superstar, Artist, and Mechanic all rolled into one, with a touch of Nurse and X-Ray Technician thrown in for fun. Your days are sure to be action-packed with a variety of tasks. The main purpose of your job is to make things run smoothly, thus relieving stress on the Orthodontist as well as the patients.

Expect to prepare exam rooms for appointments, which involves cleaning and sterilizing equipment, and ensuring that all necessary supplies are available. Tracking the inventory allows you to stay on top of what needs to be ordered and when, along with identifying products that are used infrequently and can be removed from recurring orders. Attention to detail and supreme organization skills are mandatory for all Orthodontic Assistants.

You frequently prepare materials for molds of patients’ mouths, which may make each workday seem a bit like arts and crafts time. Fitting patients for braces, retainers, and bite splints occupies a large percentage of your day. Along with this comes the responsibility of checking orthodontic tools for signs of damage and wear, and alerting the Orthodontist to potential problems.

The hours are predictable, you work in a comfortable environment, and you help create perfect smiles that will last a lifetime (as long as patients wear their retainers).

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