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Ornamental Iron Worker

Install prefabricated ornamental ironworks.

What does an Ornamental Iron Worker do?

Installs prefabricated ornamental ironwork, other than structural ironwork, such as metal window and door frames, motor-driven and automatic power doors, metal trim and paneling, and aluminum curtain-wall frames: Measures and marks layout for installation, according to blueprints, using rule, template, square, and compass. Welds brackets to lintels, sills, columns, and other structural framework. Drills holes in metal, concrete, and masonry structure, using portable power drills, airhammer, and handtools. Cuts, miters, and bevels metal trim and cover plates to size, using handsaws or portable power saws. Bolts, clips, welds, or solders ironwork together and to brackets or anchors. Verifies level and plumbness, using level or plumb bob. Bolts newell posts, balusters, and other parts of stairways and stair rails to supports or embeds them in sockets. Fastens cover plates and molding in place with metal screws to finish and trim work. Installs equipment, such as motor-driven or automatic doors, following procedures provided by manufacturer. May locate and mark reference points, dig postholes, mix concrete, and erect ornamental fences, using transit, posthole digger, and handtools. When working with bronze, is designated Ornamental-Bronze Worker. May fabricate frames for mounting glass in ornamental cast stonework. May be designated according to equipment installed as Metal-Sash Setter; Ornamental-Rail Installer; Steel-Door Setter; Steel-Sash Erector.