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Ornamental Blacksmith

Mold metal into artistic fencing, railings, and home decorations.

What does an Ornamental Blacksmith do?

Creating works of art using metal, an Ornamental Blacksmith turns an age-old trade into a modern-day profession. Working with the same tools as other Blacksmiths, an Ornamental Blacksmith designs metal pieces that beautify homes or offices.

As an Ornamental Blacksmith, you work alongside Architects, Landscape Designers, and Artists to create custom decorations or functional pieces. Utilizing your background in metalworking, art, and interior design, you craft gates, staircase railing, signs, yard decorations, and other pieces of art.

For example, when building a new home, an Architect may commission you to make a very intricate, elaborate arch for its entrance. Appreciating your craftsmanship and artistic talents, they give you basic information and allow you to create the arch of your dreams. Working within the dimensions and parameters provided, you let your imagination flow, and the result complements the home while expressing your personal style.

You use more than just your hands to manipulate the metal; your artistic vision is essential as well. Nearly anyone skilled in the Blacksmith trade can follow a diagram, but your vision and approach to the project are what set you apart. Computer graphic programs allow you to show your vision to your clients, so you keep your computer skills honed, too.

The hours are long and the work tough – after all, you’re working with large pieces of metal – but seeing the pleasure on your client’s face rewards your efforts. Knowing that the art you create will last for centuries to come also provides incentive to pour your heart into your work.