Ornament Setter

Tend kick presses that attach ornaments.

What does an Ornament Setter do?

Tends kick press that attaches ornaments, such as nailheads, rhinestones, and pearls, to cloth, leather, or plastic materials or to finished garments: Selects dies, according to specification, and positions dies in ram and bed of machine. Turns setscrews to secure dies. Selects ornaments according to specifications. Places self-fastening ornament in die of ram, or places ornament and metal fastener in upper and lower dies of machine. Positions material or garment on bed and under ram of machine, following markings on material or garment. Depresses pedal to lower ram that clinches metal fasteners, attaching ornament. May operate machine equipped with vacuum mechanism that holds ornament in die on ram of machine in preparation for attachment. May be designated according to type of ornamentation fastened to garments as Nailhead Setter; Rhinestone Setter.