Oriental Rug Repairer

Reweave damaged areas of oriental or other expensive rugs.

What does an Oriental Rug Repairer do?

Reweaves damaged areas of oriental or other expensive rugs, following color, pattern, and weave of rug: Tacks damaged area of rug onto wooden frame. Trims and removes tuft yarns and backing twine of damaged area, using scissors or knife. Inserts needle and twine into edge of damaged area, draws twine across area and into opposite edge, and interlaces twine to form rug backing. Selects tuft yarn, according to kind of yarn in rug, color, and pattern of rug. Weaves yarn into backing twine, using needle, and following pattern and weave of rug, to form rug pile. Trims loose thread ends. May stretch oriental rugs to restore shape of rug and remove wrinkles or misshapen areas [ORIENTAL-RUG STRETCHER].