Organic Consultant

Certify Farmers as "organic" base on government guidelines.

What does an Organic Consultant do?

Although phrases like “all natural,” “cholesterol free,” and “no fat” are thrown around like Frisbees on a hot summer day, a product or Producer must pass federal certification requirements in order to be labeled “organic.” That can be a daunting task, so Farmers rely on experts to help with the process. These experts are Organic Consultants.

If you have a passion for all things organic and enjoy the exercise of jumping through regulatory hoops, then a job as an Organic Consultant is a natural fit. This job gives you the opportunity to help Farmers, Growers, and Producers of organic fruits, vegetables, pastas, meats, eggs, and other products get their merchandise into the consumer’s hands.

That can be a lengthy process, beginning with checking the propagation techniques used by the Grower and supplier. Sometimes, those titles will belong to your customers. For customers who make organic cookies, however, you may have to do some digging to ensure that every ingredient is produced organically.

Your responsibilities as an Organic Consultant vary depending on the customer’s needs. While one project has you advising about the best pest control products, another will have you scouring ingredient lists. From overseeing an audit to preparing for an inspection, you guide the customer through each phase in the process. And whether you propel the certification paperwork or offer advice about employee training, every move works towards the end goal of your customer earning the “organic” stamp of approval.