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Organic Chemist

Create carbon-based items, like fuels, using your knowledge of chemistry.

What does an Organic Chemist do?

Devoted to restructuring the world around them, Organic Chemists take what nature has given us and make it better. Organic Chemists focus on molecules containing carbon. If you choose to work as an Organic Chemist, you’ll focus on research and development to promote better health care, improve man-made products like rubber or fuel, and reduce the side effects of medical treatments.

Much of your time is devoted to the lab where you examine and test compounds, but your work can take you out of this sterile, white setting as well. To truly master organic chemistry, you keep up with other developments in the field. Scouring the library for scholarly articles or reviewing papers written by your peers also take up some of your time.

So what exactly are you looking for? It depends on the project. You may spend several years working for a Pharmacist by researching current drugs on the market and testing ways to reduce their negative side effects. Or, you may decide to focus on the manufacturing industry, developing carbon-based products that provide safer and more durable materials for manufacturers.

Organic chemistry is one of the largest branches of chemistry because of its far-reaching applications. Whether your goal is to save lives, improve the world around you, or help the environment, you can do all three and more in the field of organic chemistry.