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Organ Teacher

Help students develop their organ-playing skills.

What does an Organ Teacher do?

Musicians who play the organ use their entire bodies to make music. They use their eyes to read the score, their ears to stay in tune, their hands to press the keyboard, and their feet to press yet another keyboard. This takes an incredible amount of skill and practice, but it’s easier to learn and succeed when there’s an Organ Teacher to supply the lessons.

An Organ Teacher may work with very young students at a church, or teach older students in a college or university setting. As an Organ Teacher at a church, you help the students climb onto the organ stool, then you explain how the organ works and how it should be played. You may give lessons to only one gifted student, or you may teach several students all at once.

You also hold recitals where all of your students can play their deafening music to the delight (or dismay) of their parents. Additionally, you may help your students apply for scholarships so they can continue to hone their skills and improve as Organ Players.

At a college or university, you teach students about the history of organ music, giving lectures on the lives of famous Composers and describing how the music works. You may require your students to learn to play a particular piece of music, and then listen to them as they play. At the end of the course, you give each student a grade.

You may supplement your income by playing the organ yourself. Your students may creep into the halls where you play to make sure you’re as good at the organ as you claim to be. You work hard to impress your snickering students with your skill.