Organ Procurement Coordinator

Obtain organs for transplant.

What does an Organ Procurement Coordinator do?

Like Emergency Room Doctors, Organ Procurement Coordinators are on call at all hours of the night and day during their works shifts. When a donated organ becomes available, an Organ Procurement Coordinator must move quickly to retrieve the organ and find a compatible recipient. As an Organ Procurement Coordinator, you give the gift of life.

No two workdays are the same for you. Some days are calm and you spend your time filling out paperwork on those who need organ transplants. It’s important to know their medical history, blood type, and other conditions when matching donors with recipients.

Other days are a frenzy of activity as you schedule the organ’s transportation to the hospital and alert the recipient to its arrival. Every second counts when saving lives.

What you do is similar to what a Clinical Transplant Coordinator does. Both jobs focus on matching organ donors with recipients for a successful transplant. Yet your job focuses more on obtaining the organs, while the Clinical Transplant Coordinator covers a broader range of duties that include placing new recipients on a waiting list, arranging follow-up appointments after surgery, and overseeing the arrangements of the surgery itself. Depending on the size of the clinic, one person may cover both roles.

Not every story will have a happy ending. It’s always sad when an organ isn’t compatible with the next recipient on the waiting list. Yet the smiles and heartfelt thanks of those you’ve saved make it all worth it.