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Organ Pipe Voicer

Adjust metal and wood organ pipes.

What does an Organ Pipe Voicer do?

Adjusts metal and wood organ pipes to obtain specified timber and strength of sound: Inserts unvoiced pipes in rack of tuning table and starts electric blower. Depresses key to blow air through unvoiced pipe and voiced master pipe. Listens to difference in tone and determines needed adjustments. Raises or lowers lips of metal flue pipes to regulate airflow over lips, and notches languet, using handtools. Files and raises or lowers reeds in reed pipes. Scrapes and sands lips in wooden pipes and raises or lowers them to regulate airflow. Enlarges or decreases opening in toe hole, using handtools, to regulate loudness of sound. Tunes organ pipes [PIPE-ORGAN TUNER AND REPAIRER]. May do final tuning and voicing of pipes in newly installed organs and be designated Organ-Pipe Finisher.