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Ordnance Engineer

Design, test, and coordinate development of explosive ordnance materials.

What does an Ordnance Engineer do?

Designs, tests, and coordinates development of explosive ordnance material to meet military procurement specifications and to prepare project proposals for negotiating production contracts: Participates in discussions with military authorities to determine characteristics desired in explosive material, nature of target objective, and type of delivery system to be used. Prepares or directs preparation of design drawings and specifications for approval by procurement authorities, according to knowledge of explosives and plastics chemistry, ballistics theory, fuse technology, metallurgy, electronics, fluidics, and techniques of efficient production. Tests sample shells, warheads, or similar material under simulated military conditions [PROOF TECHNICIAN]. Evaluates tests to determine acceptability of ordnance items or need for redesign. Presents findings orally and in writing to procurement authorities and demonstrates successful designs on proving ground. May negotiate procurement contracts. May coordinate pilot or serial production of ordnance items. May participate in development of delivery systems, fire-control components, and nonexplosive material. May be designated according to type of ordnance item developed.