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Ordnance Artificer

Inspect, test, maintain, store, and prepare for use ordnance materials.

What does an Ordnance Artificer do?

Inspects, tests, maintains, stores, and prepares for use ordnance material, such as guns, primers, fuses, shells, mines, bombs, rockets and guided missiles, tanks, chemical, biological, and radiological munitions, and fire-control equipment for weapons: Tests and inspects material for functioning and serviceability, using prescribed gauges and test equipment, and by firing or detonating weapons and munitions. Disassembles, repairs, and reassembles ordnance of all types, using handtools, power tools, and material-handling equipment. Assembles and loads explosive and inert elements to prepare ammunition items for use. Cleans, stores, and maintains ordnance material according to technical manuals. May be designated according to ordnance item involved as Munitions Worker; Nuclear Weapons Mechanical Specialist; Torpedo Specialist. May maintain small arms and artillery and be designated Armorer. May deactivate unexploded bombs and mines and be designated Bomb-Disposal Specialist.