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Order Picker

Locate and package orders for shipment to customers.

What does an Order Picker do?

In today’s technological world, ordering products through the mail is easier than ever. Via catalogue, mail order form, phone, email, instant message, or text, consumers can now locate and order merchandise with a few pushes of a button. Once that order is placed, it goes into a seemingly black hole, then the product suddenly arrives at the doorstep.

An Order Picker isn’t in the dark, because he or she is the Puppeteer who fills those orders and gets them off to the shipping department for delivery to customers. That process starts when an Order Picker receives invoices from the processing department. In bigger establishments, that might be a faceless name from upstairs or even another country. As an Order Picker for a smaller company, the invoices might fly off the printer on your partner’s desk.

With the order in hand, you collect merchandise from shelves or bins, taking care to locate the exact product, match product numbers, double-check size and color, and move the product to a packing area. You also look for flaws, verify weight, and keep records of your actions. Some products may require some assembly, while others will use your expert packing skills to safely cushion breakable items or fit a laundry list of components into the box.

Depending on the company, you have varying degrees of responsibility, from simply pulling the merchandise, to labeling the box, to maneuvering a forklift in order to deliver pallets full of completed orders to the shipping department.