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Orchid Grower



Propagate and sell all types of orchids.

What does an Orchid Grower do?

Orchids are beautiful, yet finicky, flowers that bloom from bulbs. As with all bulbs, planting and harvesting at the proper time requires knowledge, experience, and skill. Orchid Growers dig past recreational backyard planting and produce orchids for the commercial market. This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the flower and, of course, make a profit, too.

To be a successful Orchid Grower, you need to be familiar with how orchids grow. Since there are around 30,000 different types, it’s a safe bet that you’ll spend some time experimenting. For example, while some require 14 hours of sunlight a day, others need only a small amount of filtered light.

Regardless of the type you grow, orchid bulbs require careful monitoring. You make sure that they receive the right amount of light and water. You’re also responsible for providing plant food and understanding soil conditions.

Another huge aspect of your job is deciding when to harvest and send the bulbs to market. This is a major decision that can affect the quality of the bulb.

When you’re not growing your orchids, you spend your time ordering supplies, researching new strains and production techniques, and evaluating more efficient ways to use lighting and watering equipment.

Whether you work for a Grower, own a nursery, or run the business out of your basement, a job as an Orchid Grower lets you work closely with Mother Earth, feel the air and sun on your face, and bring smiles to people’s faces.

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